Science Stuff to Ponder: Floating Over Venus

I love SciShow Space. They’re a great resource for all kinds of space-related tidbits of information. It’s also a great channel to provide new things to consider for sci-fi plot lines. In fact, here’s a video I was ecstatic to come across:

I’m a bit biased when it comes to Venus.
The first book I ever wrote (it’s unpublished, though I should have done more with it) featured people colonizing Venus on floating structures. Naturally, seeing similar speculation where it might come true is always an awesome feeling. Hopefully many other people who dream about floating high in another planet’s atmosphere can get excited about this too. It’s something that draws me to science fiction; today’s daydreams could actually become tomorrow’s reality.

The best thing: someone reading this could very well be a future visitor or colonist to Venus. How awesome is that?


3 thoughts on “Science Stuff to Ponder: Floating Over Venus

  1. I love space and science and recently I’ve been considering weaving other planets into my fiction that doesn’t take place on earth, specifically the Trappist planets discovered recently! πŸ˜€
    You could also look into e-publishing for your Venus book πŸ˜€

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    • I have thought about self-publishing the book, but I’m working on too many other projects at the moment, including a novel that will just not let me revise it quickly.

      And I am always a supporter of working planets into fiction. I know you could do some amazing things with them!

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