Sucking the Joy Out of Writing #amediting

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Today’s been another miserable day. I’ve been spending all of it wondering how I’m going to redo about a thousand words of hidden info dump. It’s one of those delightful passages that I kept putting off fixing because it involves a ton of work to correct.

My first instinct was to just delete and put something else in, except there are some important details that I need for later in the story. This is how the problem started in the first place. I needed some text to serve as continuity so that the later action doesn’t involve randomly pulling items out of a bag. Otherwise, the story will end up like I’m just throwing out plot weapons.

At times like these, I definitely feel something sucking the joy out of writing. However, I can say that I will feel it all come back when I overcome this difficulty. Right now, it’s tough to remember.


3 thoughts on “Sucking the Joy Out of Writing #amediting

  1. We’ve all been there! I had a great plot going on, and then, I got snagged. You doubt everything. Today, I started reading a good book. That helped me get back into feeling my story and love for writing. Get it tomorrow!!!

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  2. You got this! Once you’re done you’ll look back at it and have such a feeling of accomplishment! 😄
    But yeah, I totally feel you, sometimes anything seems more fun than editing stubborn passages… Like… “Hey Mr. Dentist, yes I’d like to schedule my root canal now please!”

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