Writing Routines

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Okay, so this post is way later than I wanted it to be, because most of the day I’ve been feeling ill. On days like this, I get knocked out of my usual routine. Worse, they feel completely unproductive and soul-crushing. Well, maybe not soul-crushing, but something close to it.

Having a routine for writing has been crucial for me. Even on days where I don’t feel like writing, I end up doing some. It’s because there will be those times where I just feel out of place for not pecking away at my keyboard. I’ve found it can also help me out with mild forms of writer’s block.

What I haven’t done is set up a full routine for blog writing. This is probably why I don’t update when I’d like. When I work on my fiction, the whole process is graceful and elegant. Right now my blogging efforts feel a bit clunky. The writing I do here is not something I review as meticulously as my other work, and I do find errors when I go back and look through old posts. Every bone in my body wants to edit, but I have to ignore them bones and go back to my other routines.

If you have a routine, I sincerely hope it works well for you in whatever projects you do. If you have any tips or tricks for the rest of us (me for now), drop them in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “Writing Routines

  1. I like the shorter blog. Your writing style makes me jealous!
    Now for other questions: what about copy right on your works?
    I got back the first 100 pages from my editor. Even after printing out and editing my own work, she used a sea of red ink. Waiting for the rest. see you at the next writer’s group

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    • Actually, your style is worthy of envy. A sea of red ink is a good thing, Patrick. At the very least, she’s giving thorough feedback. Personally, I prefer a good red-inked copy to anything else.

      As for copyright, what I understand of it is listed here in the U.S. Copyright office’s pdf publication. You don’t have to register your works, but it helps with litigation if you do so. Right now I can’t afford to, but I definitely intend later on to utilize that service.

      Let me know if the link helps, and I’ll definitely see you next week!


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