It’s Cold Outside

Image courtesy of Stockvault.  This also is not what my backyard looks like.  For now.

Image courtesy of Stockvault. This also is not what my backyard looks like. For now.

I live in Northern Alabama, a place that normally only sees snow a couple short times a year. Even then, it’s usually too warm for it to stick, or it’s so windy that I get to see snowflakes float on the wind. Snow is such a rare occurrence that whenever the meteorologist has it in the forecast, people panic and run to the grocery store to buy milk and bread. Despite living here for so long, I never did figure out why.

Right now, I’m inside on my computer, occasionally taking a peek at the cold weather. There’s been a very light dusting of snow, not enough to cover the lawn. However, since it’s still there, I know it’s freaking freezing outside. My feet are getting cold just thinking about it. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have socks on at the moment.

For whatever reason, it’s the cold weather that makes me want to sit and write the most. When it’s summer, the heat down here is so oppressive that I just want to sip sweet tea and wait for the sun to go down. I do most of my writing at night on those days. Today, the cold weather seems to invite me to keep warm by visiting my fictional worlds. It sounds strange putting it in print.

To everyone staying in from the cold, best of luck to you however you manage it. As for me, I think I’ll throw a log on, watch the snowflakes dance on the breeze, and get back to editing.

And maybe put some socks on too.


3 thoughts on “It’s Cold Outside

  1. Yes. There is something about the cold and the snow that make you want to write- I would have to agree. Living in the hills of Ohio on a steep road covered in ice and snow- we aren’t going anywhere unless we hike out of there so…nothing better than reading and writing

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