#NaNoWriMo 2016 – Finally Over

Well, I managed to hit 50k words again this year, although it was a bit of a weird month. I did like meeting new people who write in the area, and I think overall it’s been an enjoyable experience. This year’s product is a great start to a new fantasy novel, which I look forward to picking up after I finish revising my upcoming dystopian novel Under A New Sun.

Until then, I’m kind of happy this month is over. Fifty thousand words in one month is doable, but sometimes it felt like I was writing just to write, and not to actually express myself. This is always a big risk when doing the challenge, and I know that some people might look at what they produce and think the product can’t be salvaged. Right now, I feel that way about the first chapter I wrote this month.

The good news is that I’ve also had some good ideas for revising it. Now that I’m into the story itself, I have more options than when I started. That’s certainly a lot better of a position than when I originally drafted it. My words describing its quality hovered in the four-letter range, usually denoting some sort of feces.

Something I’ve been missing is writing short horror stories on my blog here. My goal is to get a few of them up and running. While I don’t write horror novels, I still like scary fiction. It’s a personal weakness/indulgence, depending upon one’s personal point of view. At any rate, I’ve written enough words this month, and I think these might be the last ones I write for November.


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