Day 1 of #NaNoWriMo

This first day was one I didn’t think I would make it through. Yesterday, as I was heading home from meeting with other local Wrimos, I had a tire blowout. In a neighborhood with poor lighting on Halloween, I had to pull off to the side of the road and fix a flat in complete darkness. On top of that, I left my cellphone at home, so I had no way of calling anyone.

It took me about an hour to get the spare on, and by the time I got home I was covered in grease, dirt, and other grime I cannot catalog or classify. All that effort to get a tire off that didn’t want to come off and a tire on that didn’t want to go on had taken all the upbeat spirit I had and crushed it into dust. What remained was exhaustion, but I was still going to start writing at midnight.

The product that came out during that time was not good, and I grew frustrated and deleted most of it. For a lot of wrimos, this is probably three or four of the seven NaNoWriMo deadly sins that one can commit. Personally, I write in fits and spurts, and I like the feeling of getting drawn up into my own story. Take that away, and the joy of writing goes with it.

Determination played a big part in me getting back into the swing of things later today. I kept pecking away until my characters finally revealed themselves, and I got to my personal goal of 2000 words (plus a few extra). All in all, I’m happy that I’m into the book, and I can continue plugging along.

If anyone reading this is doing NaNoWriMo this year, I hope you all are having good luck with your writing. Even if things aren’t going as planned, there’s still plenty of time to figure things out. While getting to 50,000 words might be the brass ring, the journey along the way is also something to be savored.

Because the point of this is to write stories, because stories are a joy to share.


3 thoughts on “Day 1 of #NaNoWriMo

    • I’m about a day behind now after playing some catch up. It’s not that I’m not enjoying writing this, but I keep putting stuff off this year. It’s weird.

      I hope you’re doing well with your project.


      • 10K words behind now. I just don’t have time this year and, well, the whole election thing is very distracting, isn’t it? I want to write. I’m enjoying the story now. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it beyond the end of the month.
        I just wrote a very satisfying funny short story on my fiction blog. I think as long as I get to release some sort of creative energy, I’m good. 🙂
        Hang in there, my dear. You can catch up – I have faith in you! 😀


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