Beneath the Surface

Image by Pixabay; courtesy of Stockvault.

Image by Pixabay; courtesy of Stockvault.

I’m a fan of literary writing, writing that does more than just tell an interesting story. The human imagination is the limit, unlike certain constraints with more visual media. Writers have the opportunity to go beneath the surface of a subject in ways that other media can only envy.

This kind of exploration is something I strive for in my own work. While I try to create a plot that’s entertaining, I also try to weave extra things into my writing to reward people who look for more. Use of color, specific repetition, and double meanings all can be useful in hiding things in plain sight. Some writers might not think they are necessary to a novel, but I believe they can add depth and feeling to one.

Granted, adding this depth isn’t always easy. Sometimes it does come naturally from how I feel about a subject, or how my view of a character changes over a story. When I first started writing, I would fight these urges to the utmost, trying to pigeonhole my writing into what I had planned. Nowadays, I’ve learned to accept these happy accidents, like hidden swirls of color buried in clay.

The point is, going deeper into something – even for shorter works – is something worthwhile.

If you write, what sort of hidden treasures do you think you can find?


3 thoughts on “Beneath the Surface

  1. I like how you extended far down from the top, or went beneath the “surface” with this piece of writing. I really enjoyed it, and I couldn’t agree with you more about the opportunities writers have with each piece of work to find “hidden treasures.” Great post!

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