Maybe This Will Work

Trying to work on my new novel and work on the blog here has proven to be a little difficult. I’m in the revision process, that part of working on the novel where the story has to get fixed, writing cleaned up, mistakes corrected, and attention paid to every little detail. Sweating the small stuff carries a whole bunch of pressures that are different than writing the rough draft.

On top of this is the added pressure of not having an editor to look over my work. While I’m saving up to get one, right now I’m putting on two hats. Self-editing is not easy, and there’s a reason why people recommend getting a second set of eyes on a manuscript. Moreover, the kind of editing I need – copy-editing – is more involved than just checking for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. This kind of editing improves the story itself.

Not everyone can self-edit, and even people who can do it might agree with me that in a perfect world, they’d get an editor anyways. There is always going to be that problem story point that was forgotten, or that silly punctuation mishap that never got caught. Releasing mistakes like that is embarrassing, and it adds to the stereotype that self-published writers don’t produce the best work.

Still, the novel has to get completed, and I want to get more involved in the writing community here at WordPress. This means working on daily post prompts to generate ideas for blog posts so I can keep most of my creativity working for my book. While I expect a better quality dystopian science fiction novel after this process is over, it means shorter and simpler posts here.

Maybe this will work. Like all other things, success involves putting in the effort. Writing has been a dream of mine for a while, so I won’t give up easily.


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